aka jewellery

" aka jewellery " is contemporary jewelry , designed and handmade by Ausra Bankauskaite. Trained in metal-working and jewelry-design, Ausra Bankauskaite began creating contemporary pieces that bridged the worlds of art object and jewelry. Aware of the dual nature of her designs, Ausra ascribed the abbreviation “aka,” “also known as” to describe her works. ‘aka jewelllery’ is a studio and brand based on two concepts: - structure (the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex) and functionality (the quality of being suited to serve a purpose well) which combine to create minimal aesthetic forms. Essential to aka jewelry is the idea of harmony with the human body: the jewelry must not disturb the line of the body, instead working with the human form to enhance and extend its aesthetic lines. The most minimal details have a maximum function. The result is an immaculate, non-iterative design that functions as an object when not worn, like a small architectural sculpture.