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Alexis Isabel

Alexis Isabel shoes are created for the woman in of search of splendor, and who has an endless sense of joie de vivre. After having been favored from the start by brides and evening wear enthusiasts, Alexis is now proud to present footwear for special occasions. Shoes with refined silhouettes, tailor-made jewels, and whimsically contorted leathers make up her stylistic calling card. Each shoe is made in Italy by second and third generation artisanal shoemakers. The devotion to their craft shines through their handiwork, giving each shoe an indispensable one-of-a-kind essence. Up-cycled leathers and certified sustainable satin are used in every collection. Alexis has been featured as one of Footwear News’s Emerging Designers to Watch, and is a CFDA + Elaine Gold Launch Pad Award winner.
Skilled Artisan
Preferred Animal Material
Happy Worker
Independent Brand