Anuja The Label

Established in Europe ANUJA THE LABEL is the eponymous fashion label of designer Anuja. Anuja distinguishes herself by primarily working with high quality mulberry silk. She is of the opinion that working with silk not only creates a strong visual statement but shows the appreciation of fine workmanship and high quality fabrics. It also helps in carving a distinct identity for women who are looking for something extra-ordinary.

The collection of ANUJA THE LABEL has a timeless yet contemporary look. Items are designed to last beyond any season, dressed for all occasions from morning until night. A lot of attention is given to the creation of the perfect fit and Anuja therefore only works with experienced tailors who uphold the highest standards of quality.

Each collection contains styles that are confident, distinctive and versatile. With a focus on intricate detailing Anuja is passionate about designing investment pieces for women with an eye for detail and a love for beautiful colours.

VAT: 203508890B01