CELSIUS 273 - the temperature of -273°C representing the harshest possible climate in the universe. it is the point of no return, where any and all life forms cease to exist. silence and eternity. no water. not even the smallest spark of life. a sterile condition unbounded by time or concepts but keeping a strong hold of the secrets of the universe and inspiring to create urban utopias. CELSIUS 273 is a synthesis of thoughts and visual expression, urban architecture in your hand. each piece of jewellery hides its own story. a story that we are inherently familiar with, a story that we breathe into and live through. a story that belongs to the city. small details give sense to memories, experiences and desires yet to be discovered and people yet to be met.

Concrete streets and sleeping volcanoes about to erupt within us give rise to the sketches of cities that fit in between your fingers, warming your skin and reminding you that life is intertwined in the concrete metropolitan walls that safeguard a myriad of inspirations. and this one, this is our inspiration to create lives and moments that would preserve a small part of this story of urban architecture in ourselves for all eternity.