Clariste is a high end designer jewelry company founded by Austrian Designer Andreas Stifter. Our driving force is to create extraordinary collections for individualists who want to stand out of the crowd. It is our effort to deliver highest quality products and so only superior materials and handpicked natural gemstones are used to create our jewelry. Every single piece is made with meticulous attention to detail, to create an exclusive and edgy style. For our Shamballa bracelets and necklaces we use stones with ancient traditional uses and healing properties. Each stone has its signature energy field, and supports different inner strengths and your emotional balance. When you select a stone for a certain purpose, the proximity of it will positively effect your own energy fields and guide you towards your goal. The name Clariste is a combination of two latin words, „clarere“ which means to stand out and „ariste“ which means jewel. Since his early childhood, Andreas has always had a passion for extraordinary looks and a dedication to uniqueness. These two characteristics are the foundation of our company and create jewelry for people who prefer exceptional things in life. Welcome to the world of CLARISTE

VAT: U71289107