Elise Anderegg

The Parisian women have always been a source of inspiration for Elise Anderegg. Born in Switzerland, Elise came to Paris to attend a famous fashion design school and to fulfil her life-long dream: become a fashion designer in Haute couture.
Elise began her career at the Maison Solstiss, one of the most respected “Maisons de dentelles” in France, creating lace designs for the most famous brands, like Chanel, Dior…She fell in love with this airy, enchanting material. Designing fine lingerie is for Elise the perfect balance between her passion for “haute couture” and its amazing “savoir-faire”, and her love for the delicacy of lace. Elise loves to associate the transparancy of lace and the softness of silk in her creations. Working these two delicate and precious fabrics is an art in itself. It requires great technical skills, a taste for beauty and a touch of perfectionism. All the items are made in France.The brand has its own workshop. Located in Bourges, in the heart of France, it is the symbol of Elise’s lifelong attachment to French “savoir faire” and quality.

VAT: 64807540893