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Ffin Eyewear

Ffin is a multi-award winning independent eyewear brand designed by artist and jewelry designer Anna Lewis. The limited edition range of sunglasses is designed in Wales and handmade in Italy, using the highest quality sustainable Italian materials. Ffin is a Welsh word that translates into border, boundary or frontier. The brand is all about these defining lines, at the very edge of things. The lines we cross be they real or imaginary, visible, tangible or invisible. There is always a hint of rebellion here, for wearers with a little bit of an edge. They are created for the adventurous, the outsiders, the creative souls that are walking their own path in the world. For people that skirt the rules of the status quo, eyewear for the individual. There are lines to be crossed.
Responsible Packaging
Non-toxic Dyes
Ethical Leader
Natural Materials
Happy Worker
Independent Brand