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Freedom To Exist

Freedom To Exist was founded with one simple goal: to create affordable, considered and honest products. They wanted to create timepieces free from fast fashion and passing trend. Products that honour the classic detailing that makes vintage watches truly timeless. They also wanted a little space away from the noise of branding and technology too. That’s why, when you wear a fte watch, the design speaks for itself and the brand name is hidden where only you can see it. The journey has started with a beautifully designed, vintage inspired minimalist Wristwatch, available in two sizes. The 30 Edition takes its name from its 30mm watch face, and the 40 Edition taking its name from its 40mm watch face. The 30 Edition is perfect for the modern woman that is looking for a minimalist watch with sizing catering for the petite, medium or large wrist. The 40 Edition is a great choice for Men or for Women that prefer a larger watch face, with the strap sizing catering for both. The Freedom To Exist collection is available in a number of different colorways and sizes, and look great with any formal or casual outfit.
Independent Brand

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Freedom To Exist collection at Wolf & Badger.

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