Sonya Rothwell's an artist, designer and Alchemist-in-Chief of Gallery Beautiful for art lovers of Alchemy showing Sonya Rothwell Hand-Painted & Limited Edition contemporary bespoke collections. Sonya creates from the heart seeing Art as a spiritual alchemy – the divine dance of bringing inspiration into being. Her otherworldly oil paintings are created by what she calls 'cosmosis' – subtly absorbed minglings with universal forces. Sonya Rothwell Limited Editions are rebirths of her oil paintings of the cosmos. Like space, her creations expands in all directions, off canvas onto scarves, ties, clothes, cushions, fabric, wallpaper, lampshades and objet as exquisite collectable pieces. Made in Heaven, hand-crafted in Britain and Italy, each piece is a work of art with a certificate of authenticity signed and stamped by Sonya, whose innate sense for style, design, colour and composition is built upon many years as a designer, art director, and fine artist following her graduation from renowned Central Saint Martins. Sonya's divine works are ethical and sustainable. When you choose Sonya Rothwell x Gallery Beautiful you're supporting our umbrella charity – a flowering of consciousness helping small sustainable NGOs make a big difference to disadvantaged third world children.Thank you, they really appreciate your support.

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