Beautiful, functional jumpsuits.

Founded by Henrietta Lawrence in 2018, Leim solves a very real issue for many people who wear jumpsuits. Their total inconvenience needed solving - the hassle of nipping to the loo and having to take off your whole outfit is crazy. Let’s not even think about the nightmare of wearing a jumper over a jumpsuit during the long (English) winter months.

It’s a little melodramatic in light of so much suffering in the world but it’s something she thought she could fix. So she set out to create a jumpsuit that you didn’t need to take off when you go to the toilet. Leim exists to make lives better (and a bit easier) for womxn - whether they are the garment makers who receive a fair UK living wage for their work, or those who wear jumpsuits often and nip for a quick toilet trip that is exactly that - quick!

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