Little Miss London

Little Miss London is a boutique scented candle label producing natural, soy blend products inspired by London’s fashionable neighbourhoods. All about adventure and fun, Little Miss London came to life to address a gap in the luxury candle market; exploring the diversity and vibes of the different areas England’s notorious capital city has to offer. Each candle is individually fragranced and infused with pure essential oils. They are produced from the highest quality wax which is sourced and hand-poured in the UK. Little Miss London takes pride in being vegan friendly with absolutely no animal testing involved in the production. Each candle is lovingly packed in individual boxes and comes with a sleeve and monogrammed silver lid. To honour our environmental policy, our packaging is recyclable. It’s something special to be able to capture a certain vibe in a candle. That’s what Little Miss London strives to do…. take you on a voyage of discovery, adventure and fun: ‘Every Little Miss deserves love and beautiful fragrance. Inspired by London creating memories for you’

VAT: 235723608