Lola Blackheart

I am an East London-based artist & illustrator. My work is really inspired by a combination of classic pin-up and traditional tattoo imagery, as well as the burlesque and showgirl scenes, and the glamour of the 1920s, 40s and 50s. I absolutely LOVE to explore and celebrate bodies in all their glory, with particular focus on the female form and body positivity! I create all of my artworks using my iPad and digital pen, working from my home studio in London (accompanied by my greyhound!).

Icon for Happy Worker

Workers are paid a living wage; no child labour or human trafficking is involved in the production of the collection; the factory is compliant with all local environmental regulations.

Icon for Non-toxic Dyes

The materials in this collection are free from AZO dyes and phthalates.

Icon for Artisan

This collection is entirely made in the designer’s studio and/or by an artisan collective of fewer than 10 people.

Icon for Vegan

Alternative materials/ingredients have been used where an animal product would normally be used.

Icon for Mother Earth

This collection has been made using at least 90% plant-based ingredients or materials.

Icon for Happy World

This collection has been produced on a small scale, with environmentally sensitive production methods; the constituent materials have been sourced sustainably, and conserve biodiversity.

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