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Loreen Label

Loreen Label is a Slovakian brand launched in 2019. Brand is offering clothes designed and handmade in Slovakia from the highest quality materials that are ecological and biodegradable. Comfortable, sexy, and romantic is maybe something that is impossible to achieve in one product. Shape and cut of our products is something that we really lie on. Moreover, our bamboo Fibre is soft and the most similar material to silk and cashmere. Most of our products have universal use. Is up to you, whether you will wear it as pyjama, loungewear, or casual wear. Pieces are combinable so you can choose the type and color as you like. What is more, we want each of our order be “a gift” for our customers, even thought, they purchased it for themselves. Therefore, all our orders come in precise packing.
Skilled Artisan
Natural Materials
Independent Brand
Happy Worker