Magik Beauty

We opened doors in 2008, in South Florida. We were the first company to launch a Keratin hair treatment product without formaldehyde. The reason behind this is really simple: we won’t compromise your health for anything.

We are a result-driven hair-care company that cares about results, in the most transparent and organic way possible.
We are a brand created by nature and powered by science. Today Magik Beauty offers a wide range of four different hair care lines that provide solutions to any hair type. Advanced research methods and performance testing is part of our DNA. Our passion is to find the perfect combination of the most effective vitamins, nutrients and proteins for any hair type need.

Science gave our products the capability of moving at a high speed and nature gave them the raw, clean, essential vitamins. We possess the most outstanding combination of both worlds, because we stand for the women and men of today and tomorrow.

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