MANI MAALAI is a jewelry house designed by sisters Alejandra and Gabriela Morales, who creates Earth inspired pieces, handcrafted in Mexico by artisans who admire and understand the organic nature of raw materials.
The creative instinct and passion for natural elements lead to the selection of metals and precious stones that draw attention by the essence of their colors and textures.
Gold, Silver and different metals take sophisticated forms, which convey a universal spirit that is captured in each individual piece.

“Our inspiration to create is the connection with the deep meaning of a jewel, an element, a symbol, a shape, a gem.
Jewels with a meaning, character, power.
A cult of the earth, its nature, geometry, mysticism and the energy of each gem.
For us, each jewel has its power, a talisman that you always carry with you.
Amulets that speak for themselves, others will have their own meaning for those who wear them.”

Alejandra & Gabriela Morales

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