Mazarin Watches

Mazarin Watches [Design Uncompromised]

In 2014 we launched Mazarin Watches to provide a watch that brought Swiss watchmaking, high end design and fair pricing to the public for the first time.

Launching with the Mazarin One, Mazarin Watches grew immediately with a passionate customer base that enjoy our watches all around the world. The Mazarin Evolve, launched in 2018, continues to thrill our customers, both new and old.

We create, and we remain creative. We deliver precision timepieces that push the boundaries of watch design and architecture.

Mazarin Watches ensure that our customers benefit from the finest materials while ensuring the product is accessible. Industry leading Swiss manufacturing ensures a staggering level of quality and build, and ensures a lifetime of use through maintainable ETA movements. Our product ensures the highest level of durability in any environment.

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