Merritt & Rich

Lydia Kortelink is an American-born designer and entrepreneur. The child of an Indonesian father and a Dutch mother, Lydia was from an early age fascinated with art and design -- the natural result of growing up in both Europe and the US, and making frequent visits to see family in Indonesia. This first-hand experience of Indonesian and European traditions instilled in her not only an appreciation of their differences, but rather an innate understanding of how their cross-pollination can yield something beautiful and completely new. In founding Merritt & Rich, Lydia translates her love of art, design, and fine workmanship into modern reinterpretations of the silk scarf. Gone are the staid -- and all-too-expected -- stirrups, bridles, songbirds, and flowers in geometric arrangements on squares of silk. Taking their place are classic, bold, playful, and sensual scarves that tell a story and weave an enigmatic spell, inviting the wearers not only to take part, but to arrive at their own entirely personal interpretations. Enter the world of Merritt and Rich.