Mishi Minó

Mishi Minó is a limited edition swimwear and accessories brand, designed in Sweden and manufactured in Portugal. The brand's unique style is a fusion between the perfect California cut bikini and the classic Brazilian fit with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism.

Each item is expertly made with luxurious, high-quality Italian fabrics. The hand-painted prints are exclusively designed for Mishi Minó for a one of a kind look. Mishi Minó swimwear are proud sponsors of the non-profit organization The Perfect World Foundation to help TPWF in the important work to save the elephant.

”At Mishi Minó, we believe that design, fit and quality goes hand in hand and should never be compromised on, therefore, the designs do not only look fabulous, but also have an exceptional fit and great longevity”.

Made with love – for women by women!

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