Pure minimalism, moderate palette and comfortable functionalism above all - the philosophy of Hungarian fashion brand NON+ chimes with the famous quote of one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, and so it is no coincidence that a quote of Mies van der Rohe inspired the philosophy of the Hungarian fashion brand that has operated with steady success in the past 10 years: Less is more.

Our clothes made in outstanding quality are available in the basic colors of NON+ (black, white, grey, red and royal blue). The unique, comfortable, practical and consistently styled pieces are essential parts of the wardrobe of dynamic women living busy lives. Our pieces forming special outfits in opposition to the ever changing trends of fashion, and offering the possibility of constant renewal in the long run.

Each and every piece matches the previously bought NON+ attires in complete harmony, and by purchasing new accessories every now and then, you don’t buy to replace the existing ones, but to complement them with comfortable and joyful garments.

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