Nordic Moose

Nordic Moose is about excellence in glove making and the ambition to offer our customers something truly unique. Bringing together the best raw materials and craftmanship in the world of glove making, Nordic Moose produces high quality gloves with a clean design where focus is on letting the raw materials and craftmanship behind the gloves shine through and speak directly to the user.

Nordic Moose is part of the slow fashion movement. Our gloves take time to make and they are made to last. Design, function and quality are the pillars of our work. The raw materials are carefully chosen and produced in small editions only. Nothing is off the rack or mass produced. The gloves are made by hand and fitted with cashmere linings in contrasting colour. We work exclusively with Scandinavian moose leather because of its unique characteristics of being amazingly soft, warm and durable.

Nordic Moose was founded by the Swedish entrepreneur Torkel Fagrell who lives in Hungary and the company draws on the best traditions from both countries. The journey starts in Sweden where the concept of Nordic Moose was developed and all gloves are designed. It is also from Sweden, alongside Norway and Finland, that the moose leather used in the gloves is sourced. The leather is shipped from the tannery in northern Finland to the production facilities in Pécs in southern Hungary. Here, all our gloves are cut and sewn by hand by skilled craftsmen. Pécs is one of the leading centres in the world for handmade gloves and the craft goes back 150 years in the city. When completed and quality checked, the Nordic Moose gloves are shipped directly from Hungary to our customers worldwide.

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