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Nuaje Nuaje

Nuaje Nuaje is the creator of feminine and sophisticated resort wear that aims at bringing back the good old days. Founded in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, every piece is made with 100% luxurious natural fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship achieved by skilled artisans and BSCI-credited manufacturers. “Nuaje” is derived from the French word for “cloud”, expressing the sensory comfort evoked by the touch of our pieces. Lounging comfortably in a romantic Nuaje Nuaje dress that’s sublime to bare skin, while having your favorite drink in hand, now, that’s our definition of the Golden State of mind. From a morning stroll to an afternoon nap, from brunch to a dinner date, our pieces are so versatile that you can live in them all day, every day.
Independent Brand
Happy Worker
Responsible Packaging
Natural Materials