Founded in 2016, PALINOIA is a young brand aims to to reintroduce classic beauty and elegant lifestyles. We deliver effortless elegance by utilizing untamed imagination and scrupulous craftsmanship. Our designs are subtle yet always thoughtful: from the strong emphasis on waistlines to functional details to playful asymmetric touch, our dresses accommodates the delicate feminine curves and comfort at the same time. And through scrupulous fabric selection and meticulous sewing, we present all of our ready-to-wear pieces with a couture finish, to compliment the desire for everlasting beauty. The team of Palinoia are coming from different backgrounds, varying from art, design and science. While our diversified talents foster innovation, our shared obsession for perfection drives us to excel in our fields. Palinoia is the obsession for beauty and divineness, the unsettling ambition eager to challenge and outperform, and the unremitting pursuit of perfection. palinoia (n.) the obsession for perfection.