Founded by architect and classical pianist Caroline Quinio, PLAITLY explores architectural strategies in the creation of wearable art jewelry. Caroline has always been fascinated by moments when the lines between art and science blur, and something new is born. PLAITLY strives to bring together these qualities - the poetic and the systematic - within a contemporary, yet timeless, jewelry aesthetic. Our jewelry is for women who are creatives at heart, passionate about design, and appreciate meaningful stories behind their jewelry. We use ethically sourced and recycled metals to minimize the environmental impact of our jewelry. Our metals are nickel-free and free of all toxic elements including lead and cadmium, making our jewelry ideal for people with metal allergies or sensitive skin. All of our jewelry are locally made in New York City.

Our jewelry embraces human connections and the unseen ways we influence each other in our daily lives. We donate a percentage of our sales to non-profit organizations doing good in the world that we are proud to stand by. Currently, a percentage of our sales are donated to the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), a non-profit organization that uses the power of the sun to develop and deliver innovative solar solutions in answer to the urgent needs of the world’s energy poor—giving them the opportunity to vastly improve their quality of life and pursue their dreams.

Through materializing the immaterial, PLAITLY jewelry is shaped by invisible forces.

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