An exploration of modernist sculptural forms and the natural world, translated into an offer of simplistic pieces that are designed to meld with the body, whilst exuding a sense of strength and wearability.

Timelessness and comfort are a key focus. Aiming to create longevity for the wearer with the understanding that jewellery can hold a memory, often marking a point in time that can be carried with the wearer for life.

Founded by Sarah Ruddock, Ruddock jewellery was borne out of a longing to return to craft and create something to be treasured, following years of working in fast fashion as a buyer. After embarking on a wax casting and silver smith course Ruddock jewellery was introduced in 2016.

Sarah has since received recognition for her unique style and design, heralded as one of the leading British female jewellery designer's at the 'women who weld' exhibition, kings road 2019.

Executed by hand. Sarah creates her pieces using the ancient method of lost wax casting. This is a process by which Sarah hand carves and sculpts each pieces in wax form initially before being cast into metal in London's hatton garden. The result is a metal duplicate of the original wax piece.

All or the unique jewellery in the Ruddock collection is produced entirely in London. Where possible using recycled precious metals to minimise environmental damage.