Sarah Swann

Stylish, contemporary silhouettes made from luxurious fabrics that transcend the seasons. Balanced between formal and casual, our garments go far beyond the basics to reflect your natural confidence and presence. British style contributes eclectic and unexpected individuality. Asian silhouettes bring about playful and contemporary structure. And the confident attitude of New York drives a modern feminine edge.

A combination of driving fabric innovation and a respect for different cultures, skills and perspectives means every garment has been nurtured by many minds.

Everybody has felt the affect of someone with unique style and presence. These people have an unexplained aura, a powerful magnetism which they emit effortlessly.

Style isn’t born out of a beautiful item of clothing, style is how an item is worn, what it’s worn with and the confidence of the wearer. Style only comes to those lucky enough to be truly comfortable in their own skin. It’s these very people that inspire Sarah Swann’s design process. Every piece has been crafted for those who aren’t ruled by trends, but know instinctively what they love and what represents the embodiment of their external personality.

As Coco Chanel once said “Fashion changes, but style endures.”