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Saule Label

Welcome to the House of Saulė — a sustainable women’s label born from the belief that dressing ethically should never mean sacrificing style. Our pieces are intended to be worn on any occasion and rediscovered every season. Our name, inspired by the solar deity responsible for the well-being of life on earth, embodies feminine power and a nurturing spirit. In essence, Saulė is the passionate antithesis of fast fashion. Handmade in Detroit, each purchase from the House of Saulė also helps to support the environment. For every purchase, we plant a tree. Additionally, our yellow pieces give back to Detroit Hives for bee conservation. At the House of Saulė, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world, one piece at a time.
Responsible Packaging
Skilled Artisan
Non-toxic Dyes
Ethical Leader
Charitable Donation
Happy Worker
Independent Brand
Re/Upcycled Materials