Through her curiosity and love of knitting, Laurie Gonyea discovered the therapeutic properties of yarn spun with silver. She quickly learned though, that this type of yarn was not produced in the US. She set out to change that.

Teaming up with NCSU, she created the first hand-knitting yarn combining US-grown cotton and silver and called it SilverSpun®. A revolutionary yarn that’s as warm as wool, soft as butter and kills odor-causing germs.

For years Silver Spun® was only available to knitters, but Laurie always wanted to make the therapeutic qualities of SilverSpun® available to everyone. The result - a collection of the coziest and healthiest socks you will ever wear.

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Workers are paid a living wage; no child labour or human trafficking is involved in the production of the collection; the factory is compliant with all local environmental regulations.

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At least 1% of this brand’s sales go to a charity partner.

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All packaging in this collection is recyclable, recycled and free from petroleum based plastics.

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