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studio subtl

Uncompromised Menswear: studio subtl never compromises on style, quality, planet or people. Refine your wardrobe with contemporary classics. Sustainable and comfortable pieces without expiration date, responsibly made in Europe. studio subtl breaks the deeply rooted patterns of the fashion industry by choosing quality over quantity, slow over fast, people over price and European craftsmanship over inhuman production. studio subtl makes impact by.. - Reducing (energy, water, waste, packaging, no toxics & plastics) - Reuse (packaging, torn/worn/unsold clothing) - Recycle (waste, worn/torn clothing into new fabrics) - Repurpose (create capsule collections with recycled & reused fabrics) - Recover (compensate emissions with 150% in projects that reduce future emissions)

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the studio subtl collection at Wolf & Badger.

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