Tini Lux

Tini Lux is the first and only company to offer non-allergenic earrings in on-trend styles. Founder and designer Jacqueline Burke had given up on wearing earrings because they always caused severe, painful reactions. She decided to research the issue and found that she was experiencing an allergic reaction to the metals used in earrings. Eventually, she discovered that she could wear titanium and niobium without any reactions because they are inert metals that are compatible with the human body; however, it was impossible to find earrings made with these materials that fit her style. So, Tini Lux was created.

All Tini Lux earrings are made with pure metals so they can be worn comfortably on a daily basis without the adverse reactions that often result from wearing typical fashion earrings.

The mission of Tini Lux is to create fashion accessories that are stylish, affordable, and, most importantly, safe for anyone to wear.