NATURAL-BASED YOGA WEAR. V Y A Y A M A offers a natural alternative to synthetic yoga wear. A collection of beautiful, perfectly cut and supportive pieces are made from TENCEL® blended with Elastane. TENCEL® is made from sustainably farmed eucalyptus. All garments are skin kind and has been certified by Oeko-Tex® with their non-toxic award.
All garments are made in family run workshops in Portugal. Only working with partners that have strong unions to protects the workers' rights and all facilities are located close to natural water resources. Our production takes place in between the two beautiful and healthy rivers of 'The Cavado' and 'Ave'. All the dye-houses of our production facilities have clean internal water treatments and in no way create any negative impact on the local environment. Our fabrics are knitted in the same area as our garment production in order to reduce transportation impact. Ethical production was very important, not a choice, but a necessity, we wanted to create zero impact on the environment. The company was founded by Rachel Bauer, who set out to start a company that hold the same values as we hold for ourselves. V Y A Y A M A is a brand that shows that mindfulness can inspire ethical, sustainable and high-performance designs.