Wasulu London

Wasulu London is a London based luxury clothing brand for women. We combine European and African cultural and artistic heritages to create vibrant, sophisticated and versatile women’s all-occasions wear. Our pieces are modern European clean cuts infused of iconic freedom of structure seen on the traditional West African styles. They’re rich in colours with a mix of European and African aesthetics that creates a glamorous, elegant, and exclusive look. We call our brand Wasulu because of its beauty, we chose to use the name of our founder and creative director, Haissata Diallo, parents’ home - the region of Mali in West Africa. Our designs explore culture, individuality and what it means to belong. Through Wasulu London, we want to share our vision of a world where diversities in the communities are respected, embraced, celebrated, and used to express the beauty of every woman. Wasulu London ready to wear collection of beautifully cut ladies dresses, skirts, shirts, and coats are targeted to young and mature women who want to dress-up in a unique and authentic piece of fashion for an unforgettable occasion. All our pieces are expertly handcrafted in West Africa by local artisans.

VAT: 340997474

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