Wasulu London

Wasulu London is a London-based multicultural designer women's clothing brand. Our designs are inspired from mixed European and West African cultural heritages, and then nourished and brought to life in places where diversity is respected, embraced, celebrated, and used to express the beauty of everyone. Wasulu London's fashion pieces are rich in colours with multicultural aesthetics that creates glamorous, elegant and exclusive looks. The vibrant, stylish and versatile styles in our clothing collections take their wearers seamlessly from work to play with effortless elegance.

VAT: 340997474

Icon for Happy World

This collection has been produced on a small scale, with environmentally sensitive production methods; the constituent materials have been sourced sustainably, and conserve biodiversity.

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This collection is entirely made in the designer’s studio and/or by an artisan collective of fewer than 10 people.

Icon for Mother Earth

This collection has been made using at least 90% plant-based ingredients or materials.

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Workers are paid a living wage; no child labour or human trafficking is involved in the production of the collection; the factory is compliant with all local environmental regulations.

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