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Catherine Zadeh is a global citizen of the world: born in Iran and raised in Paris, she found her voice and strength as a wife, mother and designer in her adopted New York city. Her fortuitous entrance into jewelry design was entirely unconventional. With no formal training, she began by designing for men. Her personal style, tomboyish in an effortless, European way, made this a natural fit. She envisioned men pairing cuff links with jeans, accented by a subtle bracelet. Conventional and unconventional fused into one seamless aesthetic. This is "Jewelry for men who don't wear jewelry". Recently, sensing a craving among women for her androgynous aesthetic, Zadeh launched her women's fine jewelry collection. Believing jewelry should be worn and enjoyed every day, she introduced "precious jewelry that isn't precious", featuring her pioneering mix of precious metals and casual materials. Zadeh embraces the use of sustainable materials, exotic wood, Asian water buffalo horn and her signature parachute cord. Her design aesthetic reflects who she is as a woman. Simplicity and understated cool is what she stands for. Her jewelry is designed with intention, each piece fueled with integrity and passion. She sees herself as a provocateur, always questioning and reinterpreting, creating jewelry and accessories that are meant to inspire strong emotions. Her collections are symbols of rawness, nature, strength… but presented with confidence, style, beauty and elegance. Each piece is a story, and a source of inspiration… "I want women who wear my pieces to feel bold, sexy and daring and the men to remind themselves that their masculinity can be expressed with beauty, elegance and civility."
Independent Brand

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