Zalinah White

Zalinah White, designed and made in London, is a brand that produces exceptionally handcrafted and luxuriously functional womenswear from locally sourced materials. Combining luxurious fabrics and linings with refined practical details, Zalinah White is committed to producing clothing that balances everyday functionality with timeless sophistication. Using the highest quality materials, each Zalinah White piece is handcrafted to perfection with meticulous attention to detail and subject to a rigorous multi-stage prototyping process before the first samples are made, tested and approved.

The Zalinah White philosophy:
1. We believe in Fairtrade
We carefully select our manufacturing partners and ensure they follow the ethical practices of Zalinah White.
2. We believe in openness and honesty
We outsource our materials to Britain or the EU, and our products are made in the UK or the EU. Each and every one of our products is labelled with the location of design and manufacture.
3. We believe in long-lasting wardrobe
Our products are made of natural materials, with attention to detail and quality. So when buying a Zalinah White garment, you are making an investment.