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Diving Deep With Jorge Cervera Hauser

by Wolf & Badger

Jorge Cervera Hauser is an underwater and wildlife photographer, two-time TED Talks speaker, award-winning film producer, and eco-tourism activist. As he waits for his flight during a layover in Santiago, he takes us through his experience as a diver and wildlife photographer, and what we can learn from the ocean and its inhabitants. 

1. When did you start diving and taking marine photography? How did you get into it? 

I grew up with a certain proximity to sport fishing through my grandfather’s company. I loved the idea of the open ocean and knew all the pelagic species by heart. When I was 15 I decided to get certified as a scuba diver. Later in 2007, I went on my first Liveaboard to the Sea of Cortez with a borrowed Olympus point and shoot, it’s where I fell in love with underwater photography and the Baja peninsula.

In 2009 I started shooting sharks with a Nikon’s V and in 2011 I bought my first serious housing for my Canon 5D. I studied media and film, and worked in advertising, film & tv production, so cameras were always a part of my life

2. What is it like being so up close with these sea creatures? What has it taught you? 

Just being in the ocean is my happy place and gives me a peace of mind that I have never been able to find anywhere else. Wildlife interaction is just the cherry on top, and it has taught me that all animals are more intelligent than we give them credit for. They have individual personalities as much as we do, and if they don’t want to hang out, you won’t even see their shadow.

3. Tell us about your craziest experience diving. 

In 2018 I was filming orcas hunting in the Sea of Cortez and one of them made a charge at me so I would keep away from her prey and I really thought she would tail-slap me at some point, it was very scary. I got the message and let them enjoy lunch from a safe distance.

4. What can we learn from the ocean and from its inhabitants? 

That everything is connected and we cannot begin to fathom how much we depend on the ocean and its inhabitants… The air we breathe, the weather in the cities we live in, and our Planet’s temperature are all regulated by the ocean. We break a link, and everything will collapse.

5. Have you noticed any changes in the ocean and the animals as we continue to feel the effects of climate change? 

Sadly yes, but I have also witnessed first hand the recovery of marine ecosystems. I played an active role in the creation of the Revillagigedo National Park. It is the largest Marine Protected Area in North America at 57,000 square miles and I have been coming back every year since it was fully protected in 2018. I have witnessed the massive recovery of the area and its population at a pace that would blow the mind of even the most cynical. We still can make things right.

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