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The Art Of Curation With Kendall Becker

by Kendall Becker

Kendall Becker is a freelance fashion editor, trend forecaster and style expert based in NYC. She spills the beans on her three personal guidelines that she firmly abides by while getting dressed for the day.

While it’s one of my favorite words, the term “curated” often has a negative connotation––overly perfected, meticulous, or inauthentic. Personally, I don’t think that could be further from the truth. Curation is an art form in my eyes––and one that every one of us does daily without even realizing it, from developing your ideal morning routine to crafting the perfect cocktail and, of course, thoughtfully selecting your outfit. 

When it comes to the art of dressing, I abide by three guidelines that have helped curate my approach to personal style and make getting dressed in the morning a feté rather than a feat per se. 

1. Define Your Ethos 

During a moment of reinvention, I reformatted my mindset to ditch the notion of trends for the sake of newness––not altogether, of course, it is my job to keep up with the latest and greatest in the industry–to ensure it aligns with my personal ethos before making a purchase. But, first things first, you need an ethos to instate guidelines like this. Call it cliché but take time for introspection––how do you want to show up in the world? When you walk into a room, how do you want to be perceived? If I could describe my ultimate self, what would she be like? Now, if your clothes don’t support that vision, it’s time to rework your wardrobe and use a fresh set of guidelines for all future purchases. 

2. Align Yourself to Style 

Just because it appears beautiful, doesn’t mean the backstory is––and this should be just as important of a factor as looks when it comes to deciding how we utilize our purchasing power. While the product curation of Wolf & Badger is undoubtedly sublime, the values are, too. Wolf & Badger thoughtfully chooses brand partners that ensure ethics are top of mind from environmental sustainability to ethics in labor. Align yourself with brands and products that represent your core values from the inside to outerwear. 

3. Inspiration is Manifestation 

As within your personal life, you are who you surround yourself with—and fashion inspiration is no different. Each hit of the “follow” button has the power to alter your mindset––and taste. Curate your feed accordingly by looking to tastemakers in fashion, beauty, and wellness who stay ahead while moving thoughtfully through their craft for the maximom form of inspiration. 

Case in point, the ultimate curation has no rules––your formula may be completely different from mine, but that’s what makes fashion (and life) fun, no? With that same mindset, I launched The Curated Podcast where I connect with global creatives across luxury fashion, hospitality, and wellness to uncover the purpose, passion, and inspiration behind a guest's life path and showcase that unconventionality can be the perfect curation, too. So, take the risk, buy the top, & curate your wardrobe (per Wolf & Badger) accordingly.