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Face Masks: The New Normal

by Crissy Zhang

Flashback to one year ago, it would’ve seemed unthinkable that people’s faces would be obscured by a face covering. It was completely normal to participate in large gatherings, cough without covering your mouth and go out of the house even when you were feeling under the weather. Now, with the infamous spread of COVID-19, our world has drastically changed and there is a new type of normalcy we all need to accept.

We may have thought that wearing face masks was a temporary result of the global pandemic. Some of us probably avoided buying a stylish or comfortable mask, thinking that it wouldn’t be worth the money. However, studies have shown that wearing face masks might be the new normal for much longer than we originally anticipated. Nearly every country around the world is now implementing some sort of mask recommendation or required mandate and many people are expressing their desire to wear masks even once COVID-19 is controlled.

In Australia specifically, going out without a mask on can even result in a fine. As much as everyone around the world wants to get back to their old lives, wearing a mask is becoming part of our normal routines. If we want to keep healthy and safe, there are certain lifestyle changes we must make.

When wearing masks first became a tool in limiting the spread of COVID-19, many people stuck to using disposable masks. They were easy, cheap, and you could throw them away after just one use. However, businesses of all sorts quickly started producing face masks in large quantities to try to pivot towards the exponential need. Once people started realizing that buying disposable masks was a hassle, they started purchasing cloth masks that could be washed and reworn. These masks offer a better alternative to disposable masks and are becoming a staple for Australians and others around the world.

With new research coming out almost daily, we are able to feel confident about the use of face masks in stopping the spread of not only COVID-19, but also other contagious illnesses. The “new normal” may include wearing masks whenever you have a cold or are visiting highly populated areas. With wearing masks, though, often comes a sense of discomfort and a need to adapt to this changing environment. Some masks are infamous for being annoying and pesky, but what if they didn’t have to be?

Our company, Topmask, has created masks that are perfect for exercising, walking around, and going about your daily life. Based in Melbourne, we understand that masks can be especially troublesome in warmer weather. They can feel stuffy and hot, they make it difficult to breathe, and they can even lead to breakouts. We knew this was a problem for people all over Australia, so we decided to design a mask that was designed for our weather conditions. Our masks are breathable, durable, and crafted specifically for everyday use, even in the summer. Topmask products feature an outer layer of 100% black cotton with two inner layers of non-woven fabric and polymer. They also include an inside layer made from 100% soft white cotton with an accessible sleeve fit for a reusable filter. Our masks are perfectly comfortable, featuring a design that cups the mouth and the nose and ensures full coverage.

Whether we like it or not, masks are the new normal, and they are going to be here for the long-term. The least you can do is invest in a mask that has the perfect feel, look, and comfort levels that you need all while staying sustainable for the environment. Shop our Topmask and let’s embrace this new era of keeping ourselves and others healthy.