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Why Launching A Brand Later In Life Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made

by Kata Haratym

I never thought I would become a fashion designer. As a kid, I wanted to work in an office, walk in high heels and wear a power suit (probably because I was a big fan of colourful sticky notes and fluorescent markers). 

In fact, no one in my family was interested in fashion or trends - clothes were supposed to be clean, ironed and without holes. They were divided into two groups: home and formal. On one hand, I was running around in my older brother's sweatpants, playing fairies or football in the backyard, and on the other, celebrations always required an impeccable outfit. Two worlds in which clothes demanded respect and purpose. 

As a teenager, I loved reading comics and it eventually got me hooked on costumes and cosplay. I've brought to life a few of my favourite characters, but I'm too ashamed to share the pictures these days!

It was only when I started studying Swedish philology, I became more interested in fashion as such. It started with cloth history and construction. Then came a moment of tough decisions, but I took my chances and signed up for SAPU (School of Fashion Design in Kraków).

In the beginning, I had no idea about fashion and designers, but I was gaining more and more knowledge with time. Starting in my first year, I took part in various additional workshops and photo sessions, and for the first time I was excelling in something. 

Right after school, I ended up in a large fast fashion company as a designer, but I never stopped thinking about designing my own brand. I've always been a late bloomer and my path to better things can take a long time. Working in a large company taught me patience, but now I’m sharing my world with others through my creations and I take their opinion and feelings into account.  

How do I design? I never liked to draw, so the first thing I work with is fabric - this is my favourite part of the process. I’m focusing on designing durable and timeless items. This is my rebellion against disposables and exaggerated consumption. It's not an easy path, but I think it's worth it. 

At first, I was sewing everything myself, but over time I've started working with really skilled local tailors. I’m still learning all the time and I’m absorbing knowledge and experience from others who have worked in this profession for up to 40 years! Some of it may soon be forgotten, but through my projects I want to give my muse a substitute for this amazing heritage.