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What Is The Evil Eye? With Bebek Jewels

by Sonia Aslam

The popularity of the evil eye seems to have taken the world by storm within the last few years - and it seems to only be increasing.  Nowadays, almost everything has an evil eye image on it—from blankets, to sweaters, to face masks, and jewellery. While it is a relatively new trend, the concept of the evil eye dates back to what historians claim to be 3,300 BC! 

What exactly is the evil eye?  The evil eye is a superstitious curse or negative energy thought to have been cast by a malevolent look, usually unbeknownst to the receiver. Some cultures attribute undeserved compliments as triggers for the curse of bad luck and misfortune. Ironically, the amulets or talismans used to protect people from evil eye or malevolent glares are also referred to as “evil eyes.”  They are believed to either protect the receiver from the curse and/or turn back the harm.

The most common evil eye talisman in Turkish culture is called “nazar,” “nazar boncuğu” or “nazarlık.” It is a round disk or ball depicting a giant eye, usually comprising of circles or teardrop shapes in dark blue, white, light blue, black, and at times, a yellow edge. The color blue represents good karma, positive energy, and protection against evil.  And the light blue represents the color of the sky, symbolizing truth.  Contemporary versions of the evil eye have been incorporated into fashion, with the addition of color, lashes, gems, and other embellishments. Nazars are found in most Turkish homes, shops, and vehicles, and they are worn by a majority of Turks as a means of protection.

The traditional evil eye symbol is most prevalent in Mediterranean countries, although the concept of malevolent glares causing misfortune exists in many other cultures. There is a widespread concept of evil eye in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Persia, Ethiopia, Italy, Latin America, Spain, Greece, Mexico, and the West Indies.  Some cultures have incorporated the evil eye symbol into other talismans.  For example, a blue or green eye may be included in some forms of the hamsa hand, a hand-shaped talisman used to ward off the evil eye in West Asia.  For some Muslims in the Mediterranean and Near East, this is considered the Hand of Fatima, while Jewish culture considers this the Hand of Miriam.

With so many people believing in the evil eye, it’s no wonder that celebrities are being spotted wearing it.  Everyone from Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and husband Zayn Malik to Meghan Markle have been seen sporting the evil eye.  With the holidays around the corner, you can count on evil eye jewellery and accessories to be the most stylish and “safest” gifts yet!