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British Summer Staycay: Where to Stay, Eat & Visit

by Kyrsta Anderson

While a “Euro summer” spent gallivanting across countries may entice us all, for many the feat of travelling is too far-fetched to fit into a busy schedule. As though the months may get warmer, the days longer, and our yearning for new sun-drenched sights may unfold, life does not slow down - enter “staycation”. Luckily beautiful, summery destinations lay just within our reach here in the UK. Here’s your guide to the best places to stay, eat, and visit on your British Summer Staycay. 



Find sandy beaches, stunning coves, and a charming historical setting in the southeast coastal town of Margate. Fort Road Hotel is the perfect place to stay in Margate, with breathtaking coastal views and eclectic decor by local artists, paying recognition to the town's delightfully antiquated and inspired history. 

Devon County is home to numerous quaint seaside towns in the southwest and known for its’ towering seaside cliffs along the famous Jurassic Coast. For a fancier seaside stay, head to Gara Rock, perched atop the famous cliff-led coastline and surrounded by countryside. Gara Rock’s ambiance will not disappoint with their effortlessly stylish ornamentation. 

Make your way to the peninsula of Cornwall, home to hundreds of sandy beaches, harbour towns, and surf towns - a perfect summer destination! Tolcarne Beach Village makes for the private beach getaway of your dreams; choose from their options of beachside houses, huts, and colonial rooms nestled on a private expanse of beach for ultimate relaxation. 



A perfect destination for a weekend getaway, Lewes is known for its Instagram-worthy architecture and the bountiful amount of art and antique shops, making it one of the top destinations for independent shopping. For a perfect countryside stay, The Jolly Sportsman is a sweet little bed and breakfast with a pub serving local, fresh meals. 

If you’re in London, the Cotswolds are prime for a staycation as short as a day trip. Summer is one of the best times to visit the many villages in the Cotswolds; enjoy the quaint aesthetic towns as you walk or bike throughout, basking in the sunshine. Find a calm lodging atmosphere at Wild Thyme and Honey, known for their keen attention to detail in all aspects of the space so their guests feel right at home. 


Deemed by many as the best restaurant in Margate, Angela’s serves local seafood accompanied by seasonal vegetable dishes. Angela’s focuses on putting people and the planet first, working with local suppliers to minimise environmental impact. 



If you find yourself drawn to the dramatic coastlines of Devon County, The Farmers Arms provides a modern take on a classic British pub. Think of quintessential dishes like fish and chips, and dishes with a twist like smoked birch farm meatballs. All produce comes from their very own farm, making for “plot-to-plate” eating. 

The Ugly Butterfly in Cornwall offers gorgeous views and an ethos of local and sustainable dining, as every scrap piece from their main dishes is turned into a snack or utilized as plating decor, so nothing goes to waste. 

You definitely need an iced coffee strolling through the picturesque streest of Lewes. You’ll find all your coffee needs at Pharmacie Coffee Roasters, including pastries and other bites. Pharmacie prioritizes their roasting and sourcing so delicious and high quality coffee is guaranteed. 


For beaches, Blackpool Sands is one of the most picturesque in Devon and Cornwall, with a backdrop of lush green hills and pine trees. Ladram Bay offers a unique beach setting with formidable red rock formations protruding from the sea and sand. Relax on the smaller cove-like beach of Ladram, or take a stroll through the grassy hillside overlooking the red rocks. 

Lewes has an amazing national park called South Downs, a perfect place for a naturistic hike or a stroll through the countryside. Or check out the Lewes Flea Market in an old Methodist Chapel to score some cool vintage finds.