Clémence Flane

Far from being somewhat conventional, Clémence Flane is ‘perfect while chaotic’. This is how Clémence Flane style is defined, and how it was conceived by its Creative Director and General Manager Teresa Mayayo. Through each piece she shares her vision of style and elegance. She combines textures and colours so that collections are delicate and emotional. Perfect while chaotic. The simple combination of two antonyms. This is the spirit of the brand. This is how Teresa plays with two opposite ideas to blend them. Clémence Flane is gradually growing based on a strong and exciting pillar: A blend of purity and simplicity, with a touch of innocence and frenzy that generates a cocktail of art. Clémence Flane is a Luxury Handbag Brand. Born in September 2015, with the introduction of its first model, Clementina, it began with the idea of supporting the art of leatherwork in Spain. That’s why Clémence Flane bags have always been handmade, thus offering a higher quality. Clémence Flane is devoted to women who choose their own style and vision of fashion. Clémence Flane bags are created to become the perfect companions for street styles. Clémence Flane unique pieces will become classics, despite time and tendencies.

VAT: B55657241