Lila Skin

The Lila skin potions spring to life under the sounds of ancient Vedic chants , so powerful that in the past they were closely guarded secrets. The mantras infuse our artisanal blends with a subtle energy which uplifts the consciousness because your consciousness knows them at a deeper level, from lifetimes ago. These melodic words of wisdom help create skin treasures that energize, uplift and soothe skin and spirit alike. Our skin treasures are crafted to be an effulgent, whimsical experience, a hopeful harbinger of the love and light that stems from your very self. Every piece of this organic beauty care collection is a sun-lit tapestry of noble aromatic substances of the highest quality. It is envisioned to make you feel as if you are resting in the lap of divinity. Ingredients are selected with a desire to reveal to your seeking heart something out of the ordinary. They are born in nature, organic or wild-gathered and sourced in a mindful and sustainable manner. Procured from cherishers of nature and experts of substances, many of them obtained from small community growers which is always a contribution to sustain a dignified living for often poor communities. Our creations are woven of deep peace and contentment, born out of that inner space, a cosmos of sacred silence, a silence that dawns when we become totally peaceful and serene from the inside, deep, beautiful and very comforting. Slow, solemn beauty rituals are songs that remind you that beauty is an inner phenomenon. Beauty is not in objects, not in people, not even in the eyes of the beholder. It lies in the heart of every person.

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