Living Sea Therapy

Wildcrafted Cornish Seaweed and Cornish Sea Salt minerals are at the heart of this natural marine skincare range from Cornwall.

Using sustainable production methods and hand-harvested ingredients from sister businesses, Cornish Sea Salt Company and Cornish Seaweed Company, Living Sea Therapy’s collection consists of 14 products across bath, body, hands and feet. At the heart of each is our wonder ingredient Living Sea Complex®, which combines the unique geology of the Lizard Peninsula, with our concentrated Cornish Sea Salt minerals and a trio of Cornish Seaweeds from the pure cobalt waters off the coast of Cornwall.

Containing 100% natural essential oils all our products are free of synthetic fragrances and colours, contain no microbeads, parabens, silicones, SLS or mineral oils, and are not tested on animals. Living Sea Therapy is a British brand with a big Cornish heart offering natural ingredients; integrity and authenticity; sustainability and real provenance; and we are giving back to charity, supporting the Blue Marine Foundation with every product purchased.

VAT: 845195016