Sally Lane Jewellery

Sally Lane Jewellery was founded in 2015 after Sally was inspired by another woman to leave her career of 12 years and dedicate her full focus to her passion of making jewelry, which she had been studying on the side for 8 years. The brand shares inspirational stories from many women to empower others to take an honest look at their life and make changes to make them happier and healthier. The designs are centred around the triangle with its strong and elegant angles; bold but understated, Strong Yet Feminine, wearing Sally Lane Jewellery empowers the wearer to do whatever they set out to achieve by reminding women of their own inner strength. The jewelry uses Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Plating, to create affordable luxury. Every piece can be worn in the day time, but also looks glamourous with an evening look; in every situation it portrays that ‘something’ about the wearer. Behind each piece, there is a positive message for life.

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