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SR by Sonali Raman

SR by Sonali Raman stands for slow, responsible, and inclusive fashion. The brand believes in sustainable design and offers mindful choices to clients who want to tread a different path. It is a tribute to those Indian crafts and textile traditions that are nearly disappearing. SR by Sonali Raman Apparel lines are made primarily from handwoven and natural fabrics, sourced exclusively from small weavers who focus on keeping time-honored weaving methods alive even today. Our garments are designed to be enduring and effortlessly chic. Our silhouettes are flattering, edgy, set new trends, suit all body shapes, combine comfort and luxury SR by Sonali Raman Jewelry is carefully handcrafted, it is classic, with its artisanal embroideries, quirky, with a modern sensibility
Skilled Artisan
Happy Worker
Natural Materials
Non-toxic Dyes
Independent Brand