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Hello and welcome to Type and Story. We are a contemporary paper goods brand with a graphic design twist. Founded by London born Graphic Designer, Niccy Iseman, the concept was born out of a need to find meaning in visual language. We aim to create a more thoughtful existence and empower you to tell your story through customisation and choice, providing a platform through great type and beautiful paper. Launching in SS17 with our first alphabet range of cards, note cards, prints and notebooks, storytelling is central to the design concept. Our designs are strong, confident and focused with a sparkle of urban attitude. The core collection of products were curated to feel functional and relevant to our every day lives whilst also being so beautiful that after its intended use, all art work warrants cherishing, framing and keeping. We print all our our products in the UK using innovative digital printing techniques that challenge the boundaries from yesteryear. All paper stocks we use are recyclable and on GF Smith Callistco paper 270gsm (for those who don't know this means pretty damn gorgeous paper.) We take interest in so much. We are curious and we seek adventure, We take nothing as fact and are open to multiple interpretations. We take interest in how things are displayed and styled as well as what the core of each collection means. We are open-minded and revel in the act of storytelling. Tell your story and come and join our gang. It's a great one to be in.

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