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Destined For Jewelry: The Story Of Two Sisters

by Karen & Rana Zeidan

The most vibrant childhood memories we have are of a house filled with brushes, different sizes of canvas, paint in every shade imaginable and the lingering smell of turpentine.

Growing up together in a creative household is only the beginning of our story. Our mother is an artist in her own right. She painted so elegantly on everything from paper to porcelain. Our father, a second generation jeweler, always had a sharp eye for refinement and an immense understanding of women’s jewelry thanks to his many years in the industry. I remember watching my parents on several occasions heading out the door with my mom dressed in the most elegant clothes and dazzling jewels. Every look was different yet always stunning nonetheless. 

We started exploring different art forms very early on. We tried it all from painting to dancing to choir and everything in between. Art was our language and everything about it felt so effortless. 

I remember going to the workshop with my father and watching the craftsmen tinkering away at their workbenches with their blackened fingers and the never-ending sound of drills in the background. The scene was absolutely mesmerizing. My father never pushed us to join him at work, but I think a part of us always knew we would. It seemed like a natural transition from artist to jeweler. 

Fast forward a few years and here we are deciding how to start our careers as two young women in a fast-paced world. I had just finished my BA in fine arts where I spent three years sculpting, drawing and ecstatically spending every moment I could creating art. In the meantime, my sister had graduated with a business degree and for a moment I thought our dreams of designing together were over. 

A couple of years later, my sister decided that the corporate business world wasn’t for her. She soon packed her bags and abruptly moved to New York City to become a certified gemologist and jewelry designer.

I knew that our paths were meant to realign. Soon after that, I followed my own instincts and applied to a jewelry design school in Florence, Italy where I would end up spending the most spectacular year of my life in a jewelry lab learning the ins and outs of the business from the most authentic and knowledgeable craftsmen and artists in the world.

We had finally found ourselves immersed in the jewelry world. We spent the next few years working alongside our father and learning the tricks of the trade. We traveled the world together visiting jewelry shows and meeting so many interesting people. We wanted to fully embrace this world and make it our own and that is exactly how Zed was born. 

We started experimenting in our father’s workshop by designing and creating pieces for ourselves to wear. Of course, not all of these pieces were successful at first. Soon enough, we unknowingly developed an aesthetic of our own. Our friends and clients began asking for our work and that in itself was a huge turning point for us. 

Today, just like the day we started, we are still learning from our mistakes and working to improve every aspect of our brand with each passing day. We look forward to sharing our story with more and more people and growing from our experiences and the experiences of the people who inspire us along the way.