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The Feel-Good Momentum

by Nessy Khem

The generic definition of ‘feeling’ is an emotional state or reaction. In today’s world, how one feels, reacts and interacts is now often considered from an inwardly perspective: where are these feelings coming from and why should we be aware of them?

“Less over-reactions, more self-awareness” is a mantra that took form for me in 2020. This increased self-awareness encouraged me to look deeper into my inner spirit and reassess why I was building a luxury eyewear brand.

As a fashion lover who’s been working in the industry for some time, I tend to forget why I do what I do as I focus on the more trivial, daily aspects of getting things done.
My sensitivity toward my creativity was threatened, without forgetting a pandemic ravaging the world. I had to re-centre, which proved hard when the basic need for health and security was taking so much space.

After spending two months in the confinement of my Brooklyn apartment, the wish for more diverse images and some space for thoughts grew dire. I decided to go to my office in the Meatpacking district and work from there instead. I selected my chicest apparel as though going to the year’s most important meeting. My enthusiasm was met by New York’s autumn hues and soft breeze. The streets were empty, but my confidence was boosted by the selection of clothes and accessories I put together that day.

One of the first steps to ensure your energy is strong throughout the day is to have an outfit which matches this positive energy. This definitely demands some tuning in. “Who am I today? What kind of energy do I wish to bring out to the world?”

Then it clicked. This is the reason why I am a designer. I want this feel-good momentum to find its match in my designs for my clients. I want them to recognize their energy in my creations, the inside out effect of fashion.