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Rayvin Huger on Self Love and Personal Style

by Wolf & Badger

An often forgotten act within our busy lives is self love, which should be at the heart of everything we do. This month, we caught up with content creator, stylist and creative Rayvin Huger, to chat about the link between self love and personal style, and how confidence shapes how we dress and move through life.

Self-love is the cornerstone of personal style, shaping the way we perceive and celebrate our bodies. Self-love for me has become a radical act of embracing and honoring myself, my flaws and my personal journey.

My personal style has changed so much over the years and I’ve learned that rather than adhering to rigid societal standards or trends dictated by external forces, cultivating a closet full of pieces that honor my curves, proportions, quirks and features is an even bigger win.

Whether it's opting for a tailored blazer that cinches at the waist to accentuate my hourglass figure or choosing a flowing maxi dress that gracefully slims the body, each garment in the closet I’m building becomes a testament to my self-awareness and self-appreciation.

This dress by Gigii is a perfect example of where I am stylistically maturing as an adult. The silk fabric maintains a sexy feminine energy that I love to lean into while the length and cut of the dress offers a chic and classy aesthetic. The upper portion of the dress is draped, and the unlined cinches the waist perfectly.