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Wellness Guide to West Hollywood

by Wolf & Badger

It’s mental health awareness month, and one of the most important ways of taking care of our mental health is by taking care of our bodies. Whether your favorite self-care activity is yoga, breathwork, or acupuncture - you name it and West Hollywood has it. For all of our Los Angeles residents or soon-to-be visitors, here’s a round-up of our favorite wellness studios in West Hollywood.

1. Artha


Artha isn’t just a yoga studio, it’s a complete wellness sanctuary offering a multitude of wellness treatments. After taking a yoga flow or pilates class, treat yourself to an infrared sauna or float tank session, or hop in the cryotherapy chamber. They also offer massages, cryotherapy facials, and body contouring treatments.

2. Remedy Place


“Every remedy in the club is made to put the body in the best state possible to heal itself.” Remedy Place was founded on the basis of chiropractic medicine and the effectiveness of a personalized holistic approach to health and wellness. They have a few group classes usually involving breath work and sound healing, and their wellness treatments are plenty: acupuncture, cupping, vitamin drips and shots, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, lymphatic compression, and ice baths - to name a few.

3. Pause


Focused on the experience they give their customers, Pause is primarily known for its float tanks and cold plunges. What makes Pause unique is its' contrast therapy, LED light therapy, and compression therapy. They also offer the classic wellness treatments like cryotherapy, saunas, and vitamin drips.

4. TruFusion


Welcome to your new “fitness sanctuary”. TruFusion offers a wide array of fitness classes including cycling, barre, pilates, yoga, weight lifting, boxing conditioning, and more. With a room for each category - a “soul” room for yoga, a “sweat” room for heated pilates and barre, and a “ride” room for cycling - there are plenty of class times so you can make sure to fit your workout into your busy schedule. As many, but not all, classes are heated, TruFusion has small fridges with fresh cool eucalyptus towels to grab post-workout.

5. Vie Healing


Vie Healing incorporates ancient Eastern wellness techniques with modern tools to offer a comprehensive approach to healing. Widely known for their 24K Gold Ear Seeds, which are tiny beads on acupressure points that help to restore hormonal imbalance and reduce pain, Vie Healing is the place to be for holistic wellness. With acupuncture, reiki, gua sha facials, micro-needling facials, and nutrition and herbal consultations, you’re sure to leave Vie feeling balanced and nourished.