A Guide To The Idyllic Island Of Santorini

by Daisy Simpson

You can’t help falling in love with the idyllic island of Santorini, the southernmost member of the Cyclades group of Islands. Santorini and the trip we took has been a source of inspiration for Skomer Studio, the jewelry brand I launched in 2019. The island's rugged cliffs dotted with cave houses, whitewashed buildings, and volcanic beaches surrounded by topaz blue sea make the island the perfect place to explore.

At the most northerly tip of the island, you will find the small town Oia. We recommend making this your base to explore Santorini. There will be plenty on your doorstep if you choose not to hire a car to discover the whole of the island.

With Oia as your base, in the day take your time to wander around the streets of the town, visiting in particular Atlantis bookshop. The Atlantis Bookshop opened in 2004 and is a great spot to pick up a holiday read. As well as selling modern fiction and non-fiction, Atlantis Books also has a selection of beautiful and rare antiquarian books and collectors’ first editions. We were lucky enough whilst visiting to view a first edition of The Savoy Cocktail Book from 1930.

After exploring Oia, head to the Ammoudi Fish Tavern for a late lunch. Ammoudi Bay is the local port of Oia and can be reached by walking down 280 steps down the cliff face. The Ammoudi Fish Tavern serves fresh and delicious fish and seafood. Make sure you spend a few hours there to ready yourself for the walk back up the cliff.

Continuing the food theme, Santorini is a foodie’s heaven. Within Oia there are amazing restaurants serving authentic Greek food set within old, preserved captains’ houses, including one of our favorites Melitini, which we visited multiple times in the two weeks we were there. Grab a seat outside for the best views of Oia and the coast. There is also Pitogyros, which we recommend for a quick post-sunset viewing dinner. It’s one of Oia’s best Souvlaki and a local hit.

For trips further afield we recommend you visit The Lighthouse for beautiful views from the southernmost tip of Santorini, the gallery Art Space housed in old winery caves, as well as Sigalas Winery just northeast of Oia.

A lot of Santorini’s coastlines are rugged volcanic cliff edges, with some beaches scattered around the coast. Our favorite was red beach for the sweeping views of the red cliffs as you descend to the beach.